1. Flying to Bristol Bay tomorrow for another season of this.

    EPA Draft Watershed Assessment public comment period extended to June 30.

    Pebble Mine is the largest proposed open pit mine in North America, proposed to be dug out at the headwaters of the Nushagak and Kvichak Rivers in an area where the land is like a sponge and water moves through everything. The rivers and lakes of this region host the largest run of wild, sustainable sockeye salmon in the world. The salmon bring together thousands of fishermen and processors from all walks of life and all regions of the world to migrate together in the rush from deep salt seas to the muddy, tidal rivers. Salmon in this region is economy, food, but it is also spirit. For local Alaska Natives who rely most on the red flesh of dried, canned, smoked and frozen sockeye for winter sustenance, subsistence is not a way of life, but is life. Pebble proposes not only the largest open pit mine in North America, but the largest dam in the world, and requires that the toxic mine tailings be stored in perpetuity … in a seismic zone in remote Alaska where a failure could compromise the salmon’s hatchery habitats potentially forever. 

    Read the draft and them why it’s important to keep the waters in Bristol Bay clean, the salmon healthy, the people fed and the land responsibly managed here